The White Roof Ep

by Pushbike Rider

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released October 18, 2011

Produced by Antonio Poza and Sergio Sastre



all rights reserved


Pushbike Rider Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Skyline
I belong the fireball from my bird
I scape from everything and try my best
there's nothing from here to the skyline
As much as everyone says otherwise

A played a lot of pins and razer blades
and never really care to stay in the rain
cause while I dreamt of the skyline
and there was no one for anything else

There's nothing better than scars now
I look at the and feel so proud
there's nothing better than you
Sounds like a storm to come

River sometimes takes beautiful things
appear to someone on the otherside
there is no reason to cry, here in my king size
I shout strong and high, before I croos the tiny line
Track Name: The Saint
I was the stranger one
you were the winner and the saint
I wanted all the attention
you were talking bout starting again

And I began to imagine
a house with our kids running
a place to calll home

And Now
Now I work it out
And I
I have earned the sky
over a thousand times

I was the pretty thing
you were the strongest and the sane
I wanted to overdose
you said "less is always more"

I'll try a little harder
and I wont pay the second one
no faith, no more
Track Name: Runaway
Hey beautiful boy
we can be saved
Hey drama-queen boy
can move your pain

Not ready for the big deception
I guess Y'll reach another day
Live will have prepared some new collisions
and don't allow any neglect

I got to runaway x4

Hey little mum boy
there´s no regrets
Hey wonderful man
it can be stand

Streets light have been lit just for you
Don't wait till door is closed
there´s no god, there´s nothing but your own plan
waiting in the corridor

I got to runaway x4

The more you try
the more you say
ther´s something cynical I can't explain

The more you run
the more you scape
I'ts never eough
You wont have enough man

I got to runaway x4
Track Name: Braid Horse
Treat me like a child
tell me I'm a little devil
But do not go a midnight

Tell me everything's illusion
He we are just passing
But Do not go a midnight

I'll give the space you need and
I promise do no love songs
but no doubt what I'm feling
Knowing where I come from

Take my saturdays
undress me in front of everyone
but do not go at midnight

Push all my bottoms
make me angry everyday
but do not go at midnight
Track Name: The Roof
Feel cold coming and is getting slowly hard in your body now
mama always told us not to talk to strangers
don't take their money now

But I did anything right
Keep me safe into the beautiful night
Always about to break me

Living in the dark
is all beyond the physical
wanna be a star knowing everybody knows
I belive in starting from the roof

gonna make it hard
for all the times I never Knew
wanna be the man
don't wanna be another fool now
I'm coming slowly from the roof

I looked heaven and I ask for the last drop of faith that was
But I got the strong speed wind getting into my bones

I ask but no one listen
where is God when you officialy need him
Do I need another prayer ?
Track Name: Maybe
Keep the silence of the Crow
no one's shocking me around
I'm not ready for today
no one else is getting late

I stroke my pose
ready for the showtime maybe

Didn't expect that when you woke up
maybe wanna take a ride, it's time to go
maybe you can turn the light off
maybe there´s no need
don't lock the door

Can you hear me when I shout?
Can you feel my head in time

It's not my fault
I feel scare when you say maybe


It's not my fault
I've just move on (repeat)